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Portrait of Samuel Johnson (detail) after an original by Joshua Reynolds. Oil on canvas 25x30inches. Pembroke College Oxford.









Thanks so much TSpencer for your interest in RangerThomas.com.
Unfortunately I don't often wear makeup.
Well, you know, I go through phases. Like when I was in our high school musical "The Wizard of Oz" and I played the Tin Man. You know, "If I only had a heart" and all that? At that time I was wearing a lot of shiny metallic makeup. I wonder if you have any samples of metallic makeup in stock?
Still, I'm not likely to use it. It's really hard to get that sort of gig these days.
Anyway, keep in touch TSpencer - I'll be sure to click the link to verify my Email address!

Say hello to Jeany for me.
P.S. Why are you using her Email address?



My warmest thanks to you, Germain Johnston - and I very much appreciate your interest in RangerThomas.com.
I'm so relieved that finally someone will help me with my problem. I never thought I'd hear that - or at least see it typed.
"How's life?" indeed! As I'm sure you know, it's one of the great unanswered philosophical questions that even people with Ph.D.s have no riposte for - let alone those with Bachelors Degrees. I will details specify by phone with the competent employee as soon as I get a chance. Thanks again, Germain Johnston - and good luck with that!



Thanks so much for your kind regards and interest in RangerThomas.com, Mandi.
You shouldn't put it like that though - "all these years?"- I've been busy. No, really. Not much to show for it, I suppose. But - you know - I've been keeping it real. Temporal Camping and stuff - and other stuff too.
I don't know what a f.a.q. is but I'm sure you're right - I will... er... going to heart it.
Say hello to Jeany for me.
P.S. Why are you using her Email address?



Thanks for keeping
RangerThomas.com in mind as somewhere to come for help, Tod Germann.
Unfortunately on this occasion I can't help you figure it out. Have you considered seeking professional advice?
Anyhoo... gotta go... and good luck with all your endeavours in the future, Tod Germann!