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Center: A Cretaceous Campsite in Southwest Tasmania, with Victoria Land, Antarctica on the horizon. Oil on canvas. Canvas dimensions 30x20 inches (76.2x50.8 cm). Completed 2016. Flanking panels: MEMORIAE DIEI [to the memory of the day of...] Thursday 24/10/2014, Northcote Hill, Vic. NORTH, EAST, SOUTH & WEST. Oil on canvas. Canvas dimensions 12x9 in. (30.5x22.9 cm) each. Completed May 2015.

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The Camping In Time paintings page is new. The Contact & Comment page has been  updated and includes some fascinating correspondence with Princess  Mariam of Nigeria. The Home, Welcome, Beautiful Monsters, MEMORIAE DIEI paintings, Fragments and Drawings pages have also been updated. 

There is  now a  downloadable PDF of  The MEMORIAE Manifesto on the  same page.

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