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MEMORIAE DIEI [to the memory of the day of...] Thursday 19/3/2009, Land Bridge, Flinders Island, Tas. NORTH, EAST, SOUTH & WEST. Oil on canvas. Canvas dimensions 12x9 in. (30.5x22.9 cm) each. Completed June 2014.














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    Welcome, intrepid Temporal Campers all!©RangerThomas2016

                 I know the internet is where you can pretend to be anyone - but in this case - it is really me typing this! Ranger Thomas, for real! That's right - this is actually somebody you've probably never heard of...

               ...typing this...

               Isn't the internet amazing?

             This site is under construction, but if you care to return over coming weeks and months you'll find out how - alone among species - you're able to transcend your own time - to be more aware that you belong to processes much greater than your singular self...

            ...you'll even find out what a Temporal Camper is, and why (if you've managed to find yourself here) you are one already...




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