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     'The Pedestrian's Guidebook to
    Camping In Time'

    Four and a half BILLION years in the making! The lost and found explorer's journal that has all evolution talking! The only novel in history that stars Geological Time on Earth as the main character!  

    As far as novelists are concerned, R.T. has always admired the likes of Daniel Defoe, Mary Shelley and Marcel Proust - those artists that have gifted us with a new form of the novel. 'The Pedestrian's Guidebook to Camping In Time' uses oil paint as an analogy for geology, and the explorer's journal as a way of leaving the reader with an emotional understanding of the countless lost worlds that have gone into building the story of our little blue planet, floating in the blackness...

    Please find below links to the current Kindle editions of all three books of 'The Pedestrian's Guidebook to Camping In Time' (the Kindle app may be used to read them on your preferred device if you don't have a Kindle). You are currently able to preview them online for free or borrow them with Kindle unlimited. The print and audiobook editions currently are in preparation.


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